Ability to deactivate events temporarily in Webcast Elite

In the Pharmaceutical Industry where I work, there are strict rules for when and how we can promote content targeted to Healthcare Professionals and the General public which are our main audiences. The slides in a live event are approved by our medical department to ensure all rules and regulations are followed. When the live event has completed, what has been said on top of the slides (the presentation) is actually new content which has to be reviewed again before made available for the audience. This can take several days. Today we place a pin code in the registration page to limit access, but they can still access the reg page itself which may not be entirely ok in cases where it contains certain information.

We would therefore like to have an easy option to unpublish and republish the events at any point in time without loosing any of the data or event setup.

Just adding to what Osman suggests you can also go into “Archive” and set the event to “inactive”. As long as you do not leave it inactive for more than 45 days you can just go back and set it to active again. When it is inactive then there is no way to reach the event for the audience.

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